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Fooled Another One:

Our very first glamour model CFNM shoot. 3 young models under 20 years old. Bet they never saw dicks like this before...This is the complete series.

Michelle and her female friends are anxious with anticipation. The girls like to bring unsuspecting male models to her father's photo studio when daddy's out of town. These little princesses have money to burn so what's a few hundred to get another guy naked and under their control?

When tennis pro Matt signs with a modeling agency to earn some extra money, he has no idea his first assignment would land him in an awkward situation like this. Delighted when he meets three young beauties at the studio, Matt suddenly becomes shocked when he is told he must pose nude for the shoot. He has never done such a thing before and is reluctant to remove his clothes, but Michelle, the photographer, and Lisa, her assistant, insist.

Nervous but excited with the prospect of seeing this gorgeous professional athlete naked, the two girls use their feminine allure and ingenuity to charm Matt out of his clothes. Her interest peaked by Matt's nudity, the "office girl" Thi re-enters the photo studio and begins observing the shoot.

For the girls it is their favorite shoot so far, one filled with them calling all the shots, arranging their model's various poses, and laughing their asses off all along. It's nice to be young, pretty and have rich parents.

$5.99 USD
Contents: 291 Files
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Size: 14 MB
Format: ZIP
Category: CFNM
Added: 05/28/06 05:01:11 PM

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No Clothes Allowed CFNM Images:

This is the complete photo series for this great scene. 2 young innocent real life glamour models were used as the trainers. Bet they never saw dicks like this before:

A female probation officer takes two of her male parolees just released from prison to a fitness center for a vigorous physical workout. She has engaged the services of two 20-year-old female personal trainers to whip these two ex-cons back into shape before allowing them to hit the street.

The young female trainers tell the first ex-con that all males are required to workout in the nude. When he balks, his parole officer threatens that he must do as told or she will have to write a report which could send him put back to complete his full sentence. He knows he had better swallow his pride and do as he is told. Reluctantly he strips naked before the women and is immediately told to do some warm up exercises which include making him do jumping jacks, push-ups and jump rope before hitting the workout equipment.

When the probation officer brings in her second parolee he can't believe what he sees and says he is not going to take off his clothes, but she gives him no choice. Off comes his clothes and the dual male nudity action is in full swing as the ladies have fun watching the nude guy's dicks bouncing all around.

The two nude males are driven to exercise vigorously by the girls, thinking that their strenuous workout session will never end. When the parolees say that they can't do anymore, that they are worn out, one of the female trainers tells them their fitness session is not over until they can each do 75 push-ups. Both try and fail.

Unfazed by their fatigue, the two naked males are then led outside to an alley behind the gym by the three women while one of the girls brings along their clothes. Once outside they are made to resume doing more push-ups.

What else happens outside? Kaylee watches Paige measure some hard dicks is what...

$5.99 USD
Contents: 259 Files
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Size: 24 MB
Format: ZIP
Category: CFNM
Added: 05/28/06 05:00:41 PM

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Summer's Lust:

Sweet Summer 19 year old. Knows how to suck dick.

Summerís young mind is filled with lustful thoughts. She canít get sex off her mind. While the 18-year-old girl is taking a walk in the woods, she says hello to the hot looking older hunk she meets on the trail coming the other direction and her raging hormones kick in again.

She looks back over her shoulder and sees him walk off the path into the woods. "I wonder what he's going to be doing in there?", she thinks to herself. Summer turns around and follows him as her heart starts beating faster and she feels her face becoming flush with excitement.

Maybe it was her female sexual instincts or she was just plain lucky, but boy does this girl get an eyeful.....and more.

$5.99 USD
Contents: 258 Files
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Size: 24 MB
Format: ZIP
Category: BLOW JOBS
Added: 05/28/06 05:00:08 PM

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