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Please be advised that there are no clips, images, or videos of sexual or oral intercourse!!! However, there are clips, images, and videos of some of my sexiest, naughtiest, most dersireable, delicious fetishes imaginable!!! So, please feel free to browse or shop the categories. New categories are being added daily. Comments and suggestions for new categories are always welcomed and greatly appericated. Enjoy!-----Miss Coco Kisses---oxoxoxoxox


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Getting Ahead in the Army
Private Misha is a newly enrolled member of the Armed Forces. As hard she tries, she can never keep up with the other soldiers. Corporal Smith sees Private Misha givng all of herself in her training and decides to give her a leg up on the competition in exchange for a few sexy photos......
  • Size: 32 MB
  • Format: zip
  • Category: NUDITY/NAKED
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Damn!!! I wish I was at the Beach!!!
It was a blistering hot day outside and all Miss Misha could think about was being on the warm and sandy beach, relishing the waves licking at her toes....Oh well, I guess this will have to do...
  • Size: 43 MB
  • Format: zip
  • Category: BIKINI
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Misha Before Bed
After a long day of school and a naughty night out with the girls, Miss Misha takes a long, hot, steamy bubble bath. Two Bahama Mamas and the bubble bath later, Miss Misha slips into a sexy negligée and snuggles down with Teddy for the night. Sweet dreams!!!
  • Size: 51 MB
  • Format: zip
  • Category: LINGERIE
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Thank you for dipping in my Cookie Jar and purchasing my Goodies! New content and categories are will be added soon. Here's a list:

  • Finger/ Toe Nail Painting Fetish
  • Foot/Shoes Fetish  
  • Inflatables
  • Bubble Gum Fetish
  • Dancing
  • Tickling Fetish
  • Cat Fights
  • Bath/Shower Fetish
  • Silk Fetish
  • Bikini/Lingerie/Themed Costumes


Peace and Naughty Dreams!!!!