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Plowing The Fields - Titty Fucking, BJ's & More!
These photo images are from video capture stills From my movie: Plowing The Fields: Featuring Blowjobs, Tit Fucking, Nipple Play & Good Old Fucking. In this clip I start out kicking back on the couch and Big Daddy brings his tasty boner over to my hungry mouth. I suck on his cock while playing with my big naturals. I pull up my top and pull on my nipples while I suck. Then I start to play with my pussy as I pull aside my panties. Big daddy pulls and twists my nipples while he pumps my head with his bloated shaft. We take turns pinching and pulling my nipples as I suck suck his cock for all itís worth! I eventually get completely naked on the couch as we play. Iím super horny by now and I decide to tit fuck his dick with my big boobs. I mash his cock between my breasts. I giggle my tits and pump them up and down with his dick between them for a good long while. I squeeze his dick with my tits and even use my hot nipples to fuck his cock. Then there are some great close-up shots of his cock rubbing up and down on my hairy pussy. He rubs the underside of his straining pole against my furry pussy. I then spread my pussy lips and he rubs his cock against my hot clit and pussy lips. Great close-ups of his cock rubbing my clit! After awhile he starts to push the head of his bloated cock into my pussy hole. He at first just dips it in and out and teases my poor pussy hole. But he rams it into me and pumps me until his balls are banging against my twat. I moan and moan as he pumps me full of cock! My boobs are wobbling all the time and with each thrust. He fucks me silly until he gives in and fills me with his hot sperm!

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Size: 14 MB
Format: ZIP
Category: TITTY FUCK
Added: 08/23/06 08:21:59 PM

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Hanging Out: Huge bumpy nipples wobble & swing on big tits!
These photo images are from video capture stills From my movie Hanging Out: I lay on my back with legs spread and rock on a waterbed, while pulling on my nipples and playing with my pussy. Then I get on all fours and wobble and sway my breasts. My nipples get real hard and bumby!

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Size: 67 MB
Format: ZIP
Added: 04/30/06 03:27:31 PM

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Hot Eruption: Blowjob, Facial, and Big Tits!
I suck on a big hard cock with a big bloated purple head on it. I suck and lick on it until it's ready to burst! After awhile, I take that aching cock and rub its swollen helmet back and forth over my extremely huge nipples. Both my nipples and this cock get big and hard as granite! I go back to sucking it and deep throating it, until it can't hold back. This big boner blows a unbelievably huge load! It completely covers my face with hot jizz! But I want that hot cum on my big nipples too! So I point it back to my nipples and it starts squirting more hot cum all over both of my huge and These photo images are video captures from the movie Hot Eruption: horny, sensitive nipples. Then I rub it back and forth over my sensitive buds. The sperm then starts wiggling into my erect nipples and I get really hot when it does that! I then start sucking the cum out of that big dick to get every last drop. By the end of it my face and tits are completely covered in cum!

$7.00 USD
Contents: 220 Files
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Size: 48 MB
Format: ZIP
Category: FACIALS
Added: 04/30/06 12:52:35 AM

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Bubblisious: Big Bubbles and Big Dildos
These images are video captures taken from the movie Bubblisious: Iíd been drinking champagne and Iím feeling a bit drunk and a lot horny! I peek into the room with just a towel on to make sure no one is around. I open the towel and get into a hot tub full of bubble bath. There are tons of bubbles and I start to lather myself up with the suds. I work over my big breasts, sudsing them up and mashing them together. I pull on and pinch my huge nipples and put bubbles all over my breasts. Then I need to suck one my own nipples and do! I suck my nipples till the get big and hard and that makes me really hot! I then get on top of this blasting water jet and it pulverizes my hot pussy. It blasts hot sudsy water against my throbbing clit and I have clitoral orgasms as I position myself over the hot tub jet while pulling on my big nipples. But Iím not alone... I have an army of monster realistic rubber dildos! I arrange them and stick some to the hot tub sides by there suction cup bases. They look so real, that I have to suck a big black crooked cock. I take turns mouthing it and another big dildo while playing in the tub. Iím then sudsing up my ass up real good for you. I lather myself over and over with bubbles for awhile and then get my bottle of champagne and chug some down. I pour some of it onto my clit and the champagne bubbles are intense as the bubble on my clit! It makes me howler! After some more sudsing, I take one of my nipples to my mouth and suck it for all itís worth! I suck and lick my own nipples till there good and hard. I canít take any more and I go for those monster cocks! I first try to sit on this enormous black cock. The head is so big I can hardly even get it in. But do! Then I get this huge white wonder cock and fuck my self silly with it

$7.00 USD
Contents: 250 Files
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Size: 8 MB
Format: ZIP
Category: BUBBLES
Added: 04/30/06 12:05:39 AM

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Mellon Juice - Making A Cock Drink Milk
These are stills or video catptures from the movie Mellon Juice: I come into the room in skimpy shorts and braless and take out my huge tits. I walk over to Mr. Stud and take his semi hard cock and start to rub it back and forth against my big nipples. As I rub this big dick on my nipples they start to grow bumpy and I get real horny! I then start to pull and pinch on my big nipples. I start to milk my udders like a cow and pretty soon milk comes out. Then I make that dick drink its milk! Milk makes bones grow strong! I spread that cock hole open and force it to chug the milk from my breasts! I love doing this! I make that dick drink it down as I squirt more into it and I rub that cock back and fourth over my huge nipples. I make it drink hot mothers milk from both breasts and that cock likes it! It starts growing and before long I want a taste of milk and suck that milk back out of that cock! As I suck and lick this cock grows big. I deep throat it on my knees and itís yummy. I rub it on my huge nipples more, until its rock hard! I then get up with my ass facing that hard cock. I pull my shorts aside to show my ass cheeks and hot pussy. I then pull my shorts down and sit backwards on that big hard cock. I bounce and ride up and down on it until I cum on it and it cums into me a huge load of hot cum. When I'm done I pull up my shorts and go back to sucking on that cock to taste my pussy juice and get every last drop of cum out of that dick!

$8.00 USD
Contents: 258 Files
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Size: 10 MB
Format: ZIP
Added: 04/29/06 09:15:18 PM

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