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Tickle Torture

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Erotic Tickling to Orgasm

Charlee has Tabitha bound completely naked and spread eagle. Charlee slowly and erotically kisses and caresses Tabitha's nude body. She sensually massages, kisses and licks Tabitha's torso, including her beautiful breasts, nipples and bare privates. She lightly tickles her in the process, using her fingers and a 3 different types of feathers. She caresses and kisses her from her neck, past her armpits and ribs, to her stomach, sides and belly button, past her groin, over her shaved pussy and down to her legs. She kisses her gorgeous tummy and tongues inside her navel, tickling her too. Charlee's slow, erotic, sensual play has Tabitha turned on, but in between the sensual play she continues to tickle her. In fact, Charlee spends most of the clip, about 7 minutes, caressing and tickling Tabitha's bare pussy until she finally cums. She uses 3 different types of feathers and her fingers to stimulate and tickle her. She gently kisses around her pussy and inner thighs. She flutters the feathers over her pussy lips and ass. When Tabitha nears orgasm, Charlee stops and tickles her bare feet. She tickles her feet using mostly her fingers, but she also uses her mouth and one of the feathers, running it in between her toes. Charlee then returns to caressing and tickling her bare pussy. Watch as Tabitha moans and groans her way to an explosive orgasm. Then, to finish the clip, Charlee tickles her barefoot one last time while she's ultra sensitive after orgasm. These are great images from a very hot and sexy clip, masterfully combining erotica with sensual tickling.

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